Education is not only the process of getting pieces of knowledge but it is the process of getting the new approaches too. It is one thing to know decision-making methods, but it is another thing to make using them the right decision. Education also means improving yourself in thinking, emotions, leadership.

Courses for the beginners and experienced Project Managers, Business Analysts, Company Owners, Founders, and Consultants will be proposed this year.


Ideal place for started work as an independent expert, to collaborate with the other experts and grow up. Modern technologies provide authorial rights.

Everyone will get here anytime different types of quick high-level expert’s help, including real-time expert advice, based on different prices.

Sometimes you just need to get the right direction, sometimes you need a bit of advice, sometimes you need help without divulgation personal and professional information. You would get it here.


Decision making support

To make the right decision when we have neuromarketing everywhere and information overload is very hard.

Decision-making process has been providing by clear, concise, comprehensive actual information in the customized format with semi-automated analysis and forecasting tools.

Mathematical, imitation modeling methods will be proposed to support decision-making under uncertainty.


Online course  “project manager – product expert

The success of a product depends not only on the project manager’s ability to manage scope, budget, resources, deadlines, communications, but also on his/her understanding of the results of the project, the product being created and its phased creation and implementation. 


The ability to manage requirements from the moment a project idea emerges to its implementation and operational support is fundamental to the success of a project.  


The course provides an opportunity to master this skill to the fullest and become a sought-after and successful project and product manager as well.

“Product expert” – requirements management paradise


This IT product is your irreplaceable assistant in the formation of concise, reliable, comprehensive, accurate requirements, written in the style of McKinsey MECE, which, in addition, are requirements for an in-demand product.


After all, the formation of requirements is carried out on the basis of the author’s methodology, tested on the initiation and design of many IT solutions implemented in various organizations.


And besides, it will help you implement the product in accordance with the requirements for it.


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Ideas Competition

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  • “Great 

  • “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created. ”





Albert Einstein

  • “Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful questions.”





Edward F. Cumming

  • “To achieve great things two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”





Leonard Bernstein