Secret number one: to look at the problem above.

“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created”.

Albert Einstein

Information System by Material and Technical supply was completed and implemented in the Moscow region by me, as a Project Manager, at the same time four years ago. 


It was a successful and effective project, which had given a big profit to the customer. It worked out and optimized all processes which were concerning material and technical supply.

This project is a good example of how we can look at the problem above [1]. 

 The project task. The customer, who serves the automobile roads, wanted a simple information system for collecting and processing material applications. 

The discovered case. During analysis, we figured out that our customer does not know about own materials. The companies management did not have complete information about their warehouses too. There were more than seventy warehouses and many factories. 

The customer was in trouble with contract management and the supply of materials.

They had situations when car materials had came to the storage, and no one knew what the contract was on this delivery.

In addition, the one-time this customer had another situation. Divisions needed tires for cars, they submitted applications, and tires had been buying. Later it found out, that while the collection of applications for tires was going, lots of the same tires were lying in the central warehouse, but almost no one had known about it.

I know these situations are incredible, but it is real life.

The project decision. We have developed a full-cycle raw materials management information system from their occurrence to the materials write-off.

Here are some pictures that reminded me today this incredible experience.

Maybe you noticed, many companies invited consulting firms to improve their processes. The main reason for this is difficulties in seeing the roots of problems by employees if they don’t use the secret one.

Secret number one benefits:

  • You talk with the customer in the same language
  • You can easy to understand the situation.
  • You can find the best solution.